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Loretta brings projects to fruition with grit, humor, experience and good instincts. She works to produce the best creative outcomes within the given constraints.

She works as a content producer at a digital agency called Instrument. She produces video and still shoots for a variety of brands including Red Bull, eBay, and Dropbox.

She also freelances as an agency producer in NYC working on more brands you've heard of, at both big and boutique agencies.

Loretta moved to NYC after earning a master's degree in journalism and participating in the Eddie Adams Workshop. 

She spends the majority of her time producing projects for work, but she's starting to produce her own creative projects with the underlying goal of helping people feel more connected to those around them in public spaces. 

Her two favorite living artists are Andy Goldsworthy and Candy Chang.


Accolades for Loretta:

"Loretta is a rockstar producer, no question. Her work ethic is insane and she has the special ability to be meticulous about every detail in a shoot while being her charming and fun self, which puts everyone on set at ease. If I could have her on every shoot with me, I would." -Stephanie Sinclair, Photojournalist